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We build sites for clients that need a cheap website and want us to do all the work for them. All you do is provide content. We take it and design a simple cheap website. Once your site is up and operating, we are available to expand it for a small fee.

Get a Website and One Year Hosting for $229.00

We build a one page website with one year hosting for $229.00.

Get a three page site and one year hosting for $349.00

Our Websites

Here are some of our latest cheap website designs.

Flooring company website design

Maui Flooring Company

This single page site works for a Maui flooring company.

North Carolina Gun Shop

This single page gives credibility to a small gun shop.

Available Extras:

Additional Pages

Add an additional page with under 200 words and one image for $60.00. Contact us for pricing on pages with more features.

Email Address

Get an email address (ie with web mail access for $60 per year.

More Sophisticated Websites

We have many clients with more sophisticated websites. Our parent company,, can build one for you.

Cheap Websites Can Grow

You can begin here with a cheap website design. Then we can grow it for you when you are ready. Additional pages, more sophisticated graphics, additional forms and other options are available to grow your website.

Website Design Since 1999

We have been building websites for many years. We have experience with a wide range of clients.

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We Do It All

We do all of the work for you on your website. All you do is tell us what you want.